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Help us identify this bird.

Posted by admin | February 04, 2013 3:09pm | Viewed 1262 times | 2 replies | Last replied by dextermom34 on February 06, 2013 9:25pm

We received this on Saturday from our reader Sharon in Michigan:
My husband went out to feed the birds yesterday. We live in southern Michigan. While he was out there a sparrow size bird with orange on the belly, white wing bars, and a pointy beak landed on his arm! We have not seen this kind of bird before and can't find it in our books. Does anyone have an idea of what it could have been?


February 04, 2013 3:30pm

There is a bird called a brambling that looks kind of like that or also a bay-breasted warbler, there is also the eastern towhee. Those are the ones I found in my ibird app that fit that description for that area but if you had a picture it would make it easier.


February 06, 2013 9:25pm

Do you ahve a picture?

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